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The following video is called How to Find Valuable Stuff on; but it is more than that, as it also covers how to use the information. Below the video, I have included a brief description of some of its sections and the approximate time, in the video, when that particular subject is covered: that way, you don’t have to watch the entire video to find out about a specific issue.

  • At about 4:30, you can watch an outline of the content of the video.
  • At about 10:00, they talk about beginning to export, including a reference to a book (export 101) to read (on- or offline).
  • At about 13:15, you get information about writing an export plan. This includes both an outline and a training video (at about 15:00).
  • At about 17:50, they talk about expanding your export. This section covers such topics are reviewing actual export leads that come in through the US Commercial Service (leads can be sorted by country, region, industry) and the importance of introducing yourself to the Commercial Officer in the foreign location that you are targeting, and to use this as your own “back office.” A couple of examples are shown around 24:00 (China) and 26:15 (France). The latter also shows how to promote yourself through these offices abroad.
  • At about 28:00, you can learn about using Trade Events, how to join a Certified Trade Mission, get a discount on the program if you have less than 500 employees, and be introduced to potential buyers or distributors; or how to join the (less costly) International Buyer Program (around 30:00), to be included in some 50 different tradeshows each year, and have the the Service recruit buyers or other connections for you.
  • At about 31:00, there are instructions on how to use the Market Research Library, including how to use the Country Commercial Guide to find foreign interest in US products. (For actual contact information, you have to call the US Commercial Service in the country to let them verify that you are a US company.)
  • At about 35:00, find out about free trade agreements, and how buyers can save 8-10%, making US products that much cheaper.
  • At about 37:20, there is a discussion of trade statistics, and how to use these to find markets and prices and demand. You are also invited to call for further assistance.
  • At about 39:00, you are introduced to Training and Multimedia to use yourself or for training your own organization.
  • At about 40:00, export as a process is covered, including how to get the product numbers you need to export (HTF number). You can also call 1 800 USA TRADE for help with this.
  • At about 45:00, you can see a list of Export Assistance Centers in the US.
  • At about 46:00, there is a Q&A session. A list of denied parties may be found on (55:00), and how to get help with due diligence is around 56:00, including calling either the specific country help desk here in the US or the foreign office station directly.

Hope that helped you navigate the video. Please comment below and share with others.

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  1. Great Post, it is especially useful when the author takes the time to spell out a solution in detail!

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